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Name Info In-Game
ErifLuos Sandris, also known as Sandy, a Feline warrior that came from China, she came on her Sifu's wishes for her to explore the world and use his teachings for good. She left him when he was ill, and has been waiting for three years for the letter that would summon her back to China. Sandy wears a light blouse and a split skirt. Her weapons are a bo staff, and two swords. She carries around many knives that is hidden from view. These hidden knives are also why Sandris wears a split skirt. She also has a split personality, The more Serious known as the Warrior of the Night goes by Sandris, while the weaker and less mature, but more caring is the Day Prowler, and goes by thr name Sandy. In game…. Ya right
Golden Axe A 24 year old Ursine who wears steel armor under his cloak(Varies from brown,black to sometimes even white). He is the leader of the Greek Fire Clan. Wields a massive golden axe, a black dagger, and sometime throwing knives. Used to be part of the Midgaard army,until was kicked out by a terrible mistake. Urzorn was also kicked out and blames Golden Axe for all of it,being his only enemy. His house is massive,on the outskirts of Athens. The house size is to make sure the clan can fit in there and that it can withstand a siege. Living here also is Palmalaus,personal blacksmith to Golden Axe. He is a comical,six foot Tauren wielding a red two handed sword and a warhammer. He also has a small wand to do the small bit of magic he knows. Not In game… yet
Manux Manux, an old yet strong and stocky Ursine, adept at Swordsmanship and Mastering the arts of close combat. He also has great knowledge of the land and of the lore, along with the legends of the Humans, as he likes reading. In-game… not yet!
Puddle Kree a 16 year old Atavian Slave fighter. She broke free of her bonds when her family was killed. There is few in whom she calls friends, those who she does, she trusts with here life. She is an adept at magic and a master at fighting. her favorite weapons are bladed wheels but since her own are broken she now uses her traitor cousins enchanted spear. Not in game yet
Ravaris Ravaris is a Noctari mage. Once he believed that justice would always prevail. Then he grew up and realized that the world doesn't work that way. Since then he has been searching for the meaning of his existence. This does not mean, however that he has given up his dreams as he is still frequently seen staring off into space, daydreaming. He can be a bit of a nerd at times. And he believes that there is something to learn in every situation even the most ridicules ones. In this way he searches for his meaning. He is a tactician and is considered a battle scholar. Ravaris' parent's were killed by the Knights of the Eye (note:this is for RP reasons only, they are not an actual clan). His nickname is the Seeker. It's not even out yet.
Sava(2004) Sava, an young and fierce (race unknown) is a great healer and has saved the lives of his pals many times, He has great knowledge of the woods and nature and for that reason leads the Druid Platoon.He is also addicted to pie… Mmmm, Pie… (to those that think that i am lagging a bit on the rp section… I do NOT beleive in rp-ing about something that hasn't even come out yet, how do we know the proper spells,items,weapons, etc… to use!? when the game actually comes out is when i'll put something rp-ish here. Nothing yet…
TimTom Elore an old and blind Ursine, he is friends with Sandy and through her he found the Greek Fire Clan. Although Elore is blind he could still see through magic. He is a druid who would rather help and ally rather than hurt an enemy. His weapon is the twig of the Yggdrasil, which holds magic that Elore sometimes draw on. The weapon has two forms, its solid form which is a staff with a curled top and big thorns comming out which resembles a mace. It's other form moves like a snake, and constricts to kill. The second form takes magic to maintain. In game? NAH!
Wintery Argos, self-proclaimed 'Master Thief', is a happy-go-lucky Hart rogue with a rather nondescript past. Having grown-up in a small village near the Stonehenge when he was younger, he yearned for adventure. When he was old enough, he set out for the bigger cities to see what he could accomplish. It wasn't much. He ended up a pickpocket on the streets of Athens until an older thief took him in and tought him the true tricks of the trade. Unfortunately, this thief was killed by a rival who'd been holding a grudge, and Argos has been on his own ever since, until he found the Clan that is. Nowadays, he lives out his life fighting, drinking, and grinning at everyone he meets. Haha, I wish.
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