History of the GFC

History of the Greek Fire Clan

The Greek Fire Clan was started by Golden Axe (and to a lesser extent Ares/Mars) about a year after the old forums were started. He moved from Darc’s The Sacred Council to make what he thought would at first be another “World Domination” guild. It received heavy criticism from the older members of EE, who continually told him to quit his guild. The founder trudged on for about two months with no members, turning the young clan into a mercenary guild instead, the first mercenary guild on EE. Then Ares went off for awhile to create the Playground Assassins, a guild based on sneaks. This clan lasted over two months and gained a couple members, but then finally cracked down and turned into a history of a clan, nothing left. Ares naturally came back, and was reintegrated into the GFC. The GFC gained two members, who lasted a few months, but they did not get on regularly and eventually were kicked.

After about another half a year, the GFC began to pick up. First came Hatman, than WWinters (Known as Wintery in the new forums) and next came Manux. From then on a steady flow of members would enter the guild ending with seven when the new forums came up. Two more mercenary guilds sprang up: The Neverwinter Guardians, and on the new forums, Bregan D’aerthe. Through all the hardships and insults, the GFC had still flourished. At the end of the first forum it had the most members and the most views all the RP guilds.

BY: Golden Axe

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